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Many of you, visitors, write e-mails to me, and sometimes I can't find time to reply to everyone (but I try...), so I've made this page ,where I can, at least, tell you that your messages are always welcome. :) So if you want to, don't hesitate, write to me at :

...but please, before asking a question that would be asked often, take a look at the FAQ below !

I have to insist ! Because the time I spend replying to every people who didn't care about reading this FAQ, is a time lost for my artworks, so it means less bellaminettes...

 -I like your artworks, could you please send me one ?
 -Well... I'm glad to know that you like what I make, but drawing is my job. It means I do that to make my living. If I do that for nothing I'll be soon in big trouble, I guess you can understand it.

 -I made my personal web site, and I'd like to put an illustration of yours in it... Is that alright ?
 -Yes, if at least you put my copyright close to it, and a link to my homepage. I've even made a copyright page about this, that explains precisely the conditions and what can or can't be done (and specially that it can't be a commercial site, and that none of my artworks must be given for download)...

 -As you said it's OK to show your artworks on personal websites, I've created a gallery of dozens of your bellaminettes, isn't that cool ?
 -No, it's not cool at all ! It's alright if people want to decorate their site with a few of my artworks (let's say 4 or 5 maximum), and if they respect the conditions I've wrote in my copyright page. But exposing dozens of my drawings is nothing like that... If someone can make a gallery of my artworks, it's me, but I don't allow you to do this in my place.

 -I already use / would like to use one of your artworks as my avatar on an MSN / Yahoo user group, I hope it's no problem for you ?
 -Newsgroups or usergroups or stuff of that kind are not personal web sites.
So, sorry but the answer is no. When I allow people to use a few artworks of mine as a decoration on their own sites it's only a gift, so don't take it for granted. So, all other uses of my art are strictly forbidden without a contract. Take a look at the copyright page.

 -Is there a book with that displays all the bellaminettes ? It would be great...
 -No, sorry. But it would be great, for sure... Unfortunately, I'm not the one who can decide for these sorts of things. Publishers do. I'm just the guy who does the artworks...
If you know some publishing company that would want to do something about this, don't hesitate to tell them about it !
And if YOU are a publisher or a company and would like to do something (like advertising, and so on...) with bellaminettes, don't hesitate either,

 -Where is it possible to see your artworks, if not in your web site ? Are you actually published somewhere ?
 -That's a good question ! Yes, many of my artworks were published. Actually, most of what you can see on my site was published in magazines, and I've been doing that for many years now... ;)
If you take a look at the issues page (only in french, sorry), you'll see some of the recent issues of my artworks...

 -Why do you make this site, anyway ?
 -Well... For YOU actually. ;)
I mean, for anyone it could please... It's also a communication tool, because, you know, I draw for the readers, people who will see my artworks where it'll be published, but without never knowing what they'll feel about it. So, through this contact page, there's a way for you to give some feedback, tell your opinion, participate in your own way in making me believe that I don't draw for nothing. :)
But exposing and commenting my work here, considering the time it consumes, before all it's really a gift. That's why I insist so much about all this copyright stuff and that I ask (nicely, at least I think so) for people not to do crazy or illegal uses of my images. I hope you understand... ;)

 -How long since you've started working as an artist ?
 -Well, I'll let you calculate : my first published artworks were done in 1984...

 -Why don't you do more advertising ? It would be great for instance if you made some commercials for women underwears brands. I'm pretty sure that some bellaminettes on big posters with lace lingerie would be really nice... :)
 -You're definitely right, that would be just cool, but I've never been asked for that kind of project... If you know someone at some lingerie company, why don't you tell them to  ;)

 -I'm a girl and 1) I love your artworks, they're in the same time sensuous and gratifying for the image of Woman 2) your disgusting pervert bimbos just piss me off (choose an option).
 -Why don't you give your opinion in the part of my site that I created for that purpose : "what girls think about it" (only in french so far, but please send your contribution in your own language), it would be interesting to share your feelings about this with other visitors.

 -I'm a guy and I'd be glad, too, to give my opinion about the bellaminettes. Why is it that only girls can say what they feel ? It's not fair !.
 -You're right, it's perfectly unfair... ;)
If you like, when I'll show drawings of naked men on my site, you can come back and tell what you think about it... ;)

 -I'm the girl who wrote the question some lines above, and I think that yes, it's a good idea that you draw naked men and show them on your web site ! :)
 -I'm the author of the site and of this FAQ, and I think I shouldn't have replied that question above... ;b

 -What's your birth date ?
 -Why ? You want to know my age or it's to send me a present for my birthday ? ;)
I was born on 1964 december 18th décembre. For the presents, I like chocolate, and penguins soft toys, but MP3 players or laptop computers are fine too... :)

 -Where do you live ?
 -I live in France, not far from Paris, but sometimes I really feel like going in some quiet place in the countryside...

 -Could you give me the phone number of the model who poses for you ?
 -No... ;b